My Philosophy


My approach to the practice of law is guided by the following principles:

●Think Of Options And Think Them Through.

When handling cases, I never make rash decisions.  Instead, I think of options and their consequences.  I discuss these options and consequences with my clients.

●Speak Up.

If something seems out of place, I speak up and advocate for my clients.  I also encourage my clients to speak up and ask me questions should they not understand any aspect of their case.

●Don’t Trust. Always Be Vigilant.

I am always on the alert for anything that might have an impact on the interests of my clients.  I fight to make sure that my clients’ legal rights are protected.

●Pay Close Attention To Detail.

It is absolutely essential to avoid making assumptions.  I always listen to witnesses and read documents carefully.

●Be Firm.

Litigation is not a tea party.  I am a strong advocate for my clients.  I fight hard and aggressively.